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  • Introduction

    Welcome! This module will provide you with essential knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with your patients, whether in-person or remotely.

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    At the end of this module, you will be able to (learning objectives):

      • Name the 5 components of Leventhal's Common-Sense Model (CSM) to improve how diagnosis is communicated and to help patients make sense of their symptoms and the implications of their diagnosis.
      • Describe the benefits and core elements of Motivational Interviewing to promote behavioural change, including the use of the OARS set of communication skills to improve communication with patients.
      • Choose the best practices for conducting a remote consultation.

    To get a certificate, you need to:

        • Complete the Pre-test.
        • Complete the learning materials: Case study, Videocast, and Further reading.
        • Obtain at least a 75% grade on the Final exam.
        • Complete the feedback form

    If you have any doubts, please write them on the Discussion Forum.

  • Learning Materials

    The learning materials include an interactive Case study, a Videodcast with a dicussion about the Case study, and Further reading. You will need to complete all to prepare for the Final exam.

    At the end of this section - Introductions and questions - you have a forum where you can ask any questions you may have about this module as well as introduce yourself to your fellow students and discuss your work in the field of respiratory health.

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  • Assessment

    Now that you have engaged with the learning materials, you will have a chance to test your knowledge in the Final Exam, provide feedback about the module in the Feedback Form, and download your certificate.

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